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Feb. 15th, 2006 @ 03:46 pm LONG DISTANCE
okay so i met this guy josh on a cruise in dec.2005 he lives in port saint lucie which is an hour from my house...which isnt that bad...except for the fact that
1. he cant come down every weekend or even ater school
2.i dont have my license yet so this makes it harder
so ya and im not sure if he is looking for a relationship the way i am i mean...he isnt a virgin and i am...and hes the only guy ive ever given head to...and like hes asked me to have sex a couple times but im not sure if im ready..b/c i dont want to lose it to just anyone!!! i just dont want to see him and have him except everytime we hangout its just gonna be over sexual stuff...i mean if it was over that im sure he wouldnt drive an hour for it b/c he has a twin who gets a lot of pussy..but they say that josh is diff from his twin...and that if josh didnt like me a lot then he wouldnt waste his time driving to see me...which is kinda true i guess..idk i just need some advice on:
1.the long distance thing
3.and does he truel like me
4. oh yeah and i wanna know do u think he might be hooking up with girls he swears to god he isnt but if his twin and other brother are what would stop him you know?

oh yeah and if anyone wants to give me some tips or advice on giving head please share lol..
please someone help me im so confused
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Date:February 15th, 2006 09:46 pm (UTC)
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if he travels to visit u and doesn't expect anything... he truely likes you

if he goes 2 see u and expects sex/head/whatev... eh... i dunno

but lyke, if he can get pussy locally... i dun think he'd travel so far to see u. so if he does it's prolly b/c he lykes u on some lvl.

as for the sex part... if ur not ready... don't do it.

oh and for givin head... play wit their balls... guys luv that :P

hope that helped some ;)
Date:February 16th, 2006 09:34 pm (UTC)

long distance

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yeah, if he's driving all that distance when he could be getting it locally, then he's not JUST doing it for sex.

As for giving head, get his shaft really wet, make a circle with your thumb and forefinger around it, and then slide it up and down while you lick and suck on the head. He'll go nuts........

Has he gone down on you yet? Make sure he gives you an orgasm too!
Date:March 12th, 2006 12:36 am (UTC)
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First thing is first, you expect to get the answer from anyone here that is the right one. the only thing you can do to get the right answer is to do what you feel is best. your life, your body....etc. first thing to remember is communication is the ONLY thing that you can use. ask for total honesty and remember that when you get that news you don't want to hear to take it in stride. after all IF he is seeing other girls why would he feel the need to tell you if you are going to get upset. Also be honest back. tell him the truth with everything.

1.the long distance thing
If he wants the sex he'll drive across the world for you. and if he's a man, and straight he wants the sex. if he says he doesn't he does. and if he acts like he doesn't he does. bottom line there, he wants it. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! he's not the only one! we all want it. some of us just want it more than others. the distance we're willing to go to get it may depend on the person but we all want it. as far as him getting it from other girls, well who cares at this point? he's driving out to see you take that time and cherish it. but don't pester him to tell you if he's seeing other girls. let him know that you'd like to know if he is... simply so you can go on seeing other guys(communication). don't let him walk on you either, you make the decision to keep him or not after you know what he's doing.

being a virgin? well, most the girls I know hated they're first experience. many figure they were pressured into it, many didn't like the guy they gave it to. but ALL of them lived through it. I don't want to make it sound like not a big deal. it is a huge deal, to a girl especially. if you wait for the right one you'll give it to a jerk and feel stupid for thinking he was the right one. chances are he's not. so my advice is don't give it to the right person, give it to the right situation. you want to lose it on the beach, by candle light, in a car... whatever you want. lose it that way, don't worry too much about the person (dont' give it to a creep, but you know what I mean).

3.and does he truely like me?
ask him. ask him. ask him.

4. oh yeah and i wanna know do u think he might be hooking up with girls he swears to god he isnt but if his twin and other brother are what would stop him you know?
my brother and I look very much alike (of course I'm the better looking of the two). but I have more of an aggressive sexual need, where my brother longs for the relationship. I know that between the two of us my brother doesn't do the one or two nighters. he's more interested in long term. so whats keeping him from hooking up? nothing. it depends on him.

and last... advice on head?
PRACTICE! I dont' want to suggest you slut yourself out. but if you want to be good you must practice. remember NO TEETH. the wetter the better, and something that many girls dont' know... you're not trying to make your mouth a pussy... you have a pusssy for that. and if it was ment to feel the same then you'd have a tongue down there. use your tongue, relax your throat (no one wants a puking girl on their hands) and suck gentle or hard depends on the person. but if you want to be great... practice. ask for advice, ask for tips, but each guy is different and each guy loves it differently.
HAVE FUN and remember to stay safe (no babies, no bugs)